About Us

About Us

Bridging the divide between academic law and professional practice at all stages of your career, Premier Law College is the provider of legal education along with practical legal training in Pakistan.
We prepare new entrants to the legal profession with the sound legal knowledge, broad conceptual understanding, practical skills, and ethical awareness to not only solve legal problems but also protect just practice. We work closely with law associations and leading law firms to continuously adapt our programs to the changing needs of the profession.
Completing a course with us means more than another scholastic achievement. A Graduate Degree from Premier Law College signifies you are fully prepared with the knowledge, skills, and experience to begin, maintain, and excel in a rewarding legal career in a highly competitive field.

Premier Law College, Focus on:

• Regular classes, Extensive Teaching and Learning
• Well versed practical faculty from bar and bench.
• Planned & Organized study tour to Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, Police Stations, Prison,
Forensics Science Laboratory Medical College & District Revenue Offices.
• Exclusive Law Moot Room to provide an inside environment of court
• No compromise on Discipline.

Premier Law College Coordinates with:

• International Bar Association IBA
• Bar Councils
• SAARC Law Forums of South Asia
• Law Society of England and Wales for QLTT Exam.
• Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan
• Amnesty International
• Human Rights Society of Pakistan / HRCP
• Commonwealth Legal Education Association
• Law Asia