Department & Faculties

Department of humanties:

The department of Humanties at PGC engages in teaching and reaserch across language and culture. We work at the intersections of communication,composition, composition, literature, modern language, philosophy, rhetoric,visual studies and linguistics.

the mission of Department of Humanties and Social Sciences is to provide students with an integrated education that will give them a wast breadth of knowledge and perspective. the department fulfills its mission with interdisciplinary degree programs, and plays an essential role in the education of student specializing in other departments. Department offers following programmes,

  • FA
  • BA
  • MA English

Department of Computer Science:

We at department of computer science focus on coputing in our lives. computing is not just a single descipline. instead. it has a number of Science, inforamation technology, Software Engineering, computer engineering and information System,as well as significant overlaps with a number of other fields including Telecommunications and Biotechnology. the curriculum of premier college of computer sciences presently focuses on the first three of these diciplines .

The department of computer science currently offer following programmes

  • ICS
  • BSCS

Department of commerce:

The department of PGC is providing quality education at the intermediate and undergraduate level .it is committed to achieve academic excellence by producing quality graduate in the field of commerce, banking and finance.

  • I.Com
  • B.Com

Department of Law:

Bridging the division between academic Law and the professional practice at the stages of your career, Premier Law college is the provider of legal education along with practical legal training in Pakistan

We prepare new entrants to the legal profession with the sound legal knowledge, broad conceptual understanding, practical skills, and ethical awareness not only to solve legal problems but also protect just practice. we work closely with Law associations and leading Law firms to continuously adapt our progamms to the changing needs of the profession.

completing a course with us means more than any other scholastic achievement. A graduate Degree from premier Law college signifies you are fully prepared with the knowledge skill, and excel in a rewarding legal career in a highly competitive field. Premier Law college offers following programmes

  • LL.B
  • LL.M
  • Associate Degree in Paralegal