The classrooms in the Premier Law college are equipped with latest infrastructure. They are fully air conditioned, thus providing students with ease in the learning process. The classrooms are designed in a way so as to ensure the social distance policy during the pandemic. PLC offers friendly and relaxed classroom atmosphere, which ultimately helps the decorum of actual situation ahead in their professional career atmosphere. PLC classrooms are also equipped with latest state of the art digital facilities, which manage time-based practices through presentations mode by LEDs & projectors. Presently, due to pandemic and other modern developments, virtual education, like google classrooms, Microsoft teams and zoom meetings, is in trend. However, physical presence in the class has always has its importance and compliments the following learning outcomes

  • Psychological Satisfaction
  • Learning Atmosphere
  • Public Speaking
  • Dress Code & Behavior
  • Principal Submission
  • Preparing Notes
  • Handling Questions