Life at Campus

Studying at the Premier provides major learning opportunities to the students which outlast their academic life and help them in professional activities. Beyond that, the extraordinary range of these opportunities allows you to determine your student life, which can be what you want it to be. There is no typical Premier student and no single Premier experience. At the end of their time here, we want our graduates to have the self-belief to be whoever they want to be, and to feel confident and excited about their future.

Event and Activities

All extracurricular and co-curricular activities for the student body on campus are organized and managed by the directorate of student affairs.

This is mostly handled through student societies, which collaborate with student leaders and university administration to provide opportunities for students to develop talents outside of the classroom. The societies are run by students under the supervision of a faculty member. Education, socialization, business, social concerns, and many types of art are all promoted by societies. Students are provided opportunities to explore their interests and refine their abilities by participating in the student council through societies, which allows them to put their time to good use.

Student Activities

Your time at PLC is not just about studying, there are plenty of ways to get involved in extracurricular activities. From joining one of the societies, or working with the Premier Law Clinic, to volunteering for the research work at the Premier Research Center, there is a lot to choose from.

Social Life

Premier offers a student life that can be tailored to your own tastes. It is easy to immerse yourself in exciting opportunities and experiences at PLC.

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The Campus Experience

Being a Premier puts students on a fast track to understand the global trends in the legal fraternity. It creates leaders who excel in via two aspects of our delivery; one, our emphasis on teaching quality and excellence in all we do and a commitment to providing a modern learning environment that is dynamic, engaging, empowering, research-informed, internationally oriented but locally grounded. And second, maximizing students’ campus experiences by providing a cutting-edge learning environment that enhances students’ transferable skills and transforms individual perspectives.

Modern Facilities

Library is the soul of any educational institute and plays a significant role in all learning activities, more so in the learning of law. Premier Law College has an excellent library consisting of….

Premier Law College has a well equipped computer lab with high-speed internet facility. The computer lab provides free usage facility to all the students during the teaching hours. It comprises……

Premier Law College has a Moot Court Hall, a microcosmic model of a real-life Courtroom.  This not only enables students for their preparations of the Moot Court Competitions but……

The classrooms in the Premier Law college are equipped with latest infrastructure. They are fully air conditioned, thus providing students with ease in the learning process. The classroom……

Premier learning management system (LMS) is a Web application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational…….

There are a good bunch of eating options on campus – in fact, there’s something for everyone. 

If you’re in a hurry and need…..

The Premier Law College provides transport facilities to female students, and faculty from all over Gujranwala. The transport is provided two times a day……..

Law does not exist in isolation but is rather part of a broader set of social, economic and political processes. At the Premier Research Centre (PRC), we believe that…….