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Bridging the divide between academic law and professional practice at all stages of a student’s career, Premier Law College is the provider of legal education along with practical legal training in Pakistan.

It prepares students for legal profession with the sound knowledge, conceptual understanding, practical skills, and ethical awareness to solve statutory problems. It works closely with law associations and leading law firms to continuously adapt its programs to the changing needs of the profession.

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Premier Law College not only provides students the education and experiences that set them up for success in a career, but also help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

Education Facilities

Premier Law College, offers a wide range of services in order to assist its students with quality education.

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Affiliation with Punjab University

Premier Law College is affiliated with University of the Punjab for its five-years degree program. It is…..

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International Affiliation

The partnership agreements are in shape of generalized MoUs, incorporating above areas of…..

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Why choose Premier?
Socio-Professional Environment
Teaching & Pedagogy

Students of Premier Law College pass through a rigorous legal training throughout their time at the campus. They are prepared to face practical and professional challenges with sound legal conceptual understanding, and ethical awareness. Premier Law College is prescribed to culture of adaptability to the changing dynamics of the profession and education.
Our outstanding students have been engaged in and have the opportunity to work for international organizations like:
• International Bar Association – IBA
• Amnesty International
• Human Rights Society of Pakistan / HRCP
• Commonwealth Legal Education Association
• Law Asia

Premier Law College affords its students with multiple prospects to transform their visions into reality.
During their stay at the college, they develop the intellectual, professional and social characteristics
which help them in achieving their professional goals in addition to being a responsible citizen.
Completing the degree at PLC is more than any other scholastic achievement. A Graduation Degree from
Premier Law College signifies that the students are well prepared and equipped to begin, maintain, and

excel in a rewarding legal career in a highly competitive field. The students of PLC – and its graduates –
are characterized by their determination to make a difference.

Teaching & Pedagogy

PLC (Premier Law College) is privileged to have a group of highly learned faculty members who are well aware of dealing with students of diverse backgrounds. In order to provide the young students, contemporary perspectives, the teacher provide them with relevant course readings from the newly found research models.

  • Case studies of the various precedents and landmark judgements from the across the globe are read to them, so the students can draw a mindful conclusion of the problems.
  • They are familiarized with innovative research tools, usage of internet for research purpose to become more efficient and precise about their case preparation.
  • Examples from daily life are used in order to make them overtly accustomed with the philosophy of law in real life.
  • In order to enhance their critical and analytical ability, the case study is conducted for the final year students. They prepare their cases and present it in the moot sessions.
  • Workshops by renowned lawyers and speakers are conducted to enhance the communication skills in the students.

University of the Punjab

Premier Law College is a recognized center for teaching law by the University of the Punjab. University of the Punjab offers a 5 years degree program to students who have successfully completed their intermediated and clear the LAT test.

University of London and ATHE

University College Gujranwala is one of the leading providers of the international education in Pakistan. It offers degree of University of London to its students who have completed their 13 years of education (A-Levels). Students who do not have 13 years of education take one year foundation course under ATHE prior to their registration in University of London Degree Program.


Premier Law College offers scholarships to deserving students on basis of merit, need and kinship. It is also one of the first institutions to initiate Provincial Integrity Scholarship, a scholarship program launched for the students of Balochistan, under which 3 students from Balochistan are granted an admission annually.

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