Rules and Regulations

An uncompromising attitude is adopted by Premier Law College to establish high standards of discipline in academic campus. Disciplinary committee has been constituted; PLC strives to maintain the highest ethical standards among its students and faculty. Integrity, honesty and sincerity are fundamental principles of Premier Law College. In order to achieve these, students are required to abide the following rules strictly in all their activities at the college. The violation of the code of conduct would result in cancellation of admission and automatic rustication of the students from the rolls of this college.

Students Dress Code

  • Male students must dress up in:

o Black Dress Pant / Trousers, White Shirts (Full Sleeves) and College Neck-Tie

o Black Shoes and Black Socks.

o Student Identity Card

  • Female students must dress up in:

o White Shalwar-Qamees and Black Hijab/Scarf.

o Black Socks and Black Shoes without or with low heels up to 1 inch maximum

o Student Identity Card

  • Female students should observe simplicity. They are directed to wear only cotton dresses.
  • T-Shirts, jeans and joggers are banned for males and females.
  • Students not dressed up properly can be checked by any proctor within college bounds and will be fined.

College ID Card

  • It is compulsory for every College Student to obtain his/her Identity Card from the College Office

immediately upon his admission. Defaulters will be fined.

  • If an Identity Card is lost, a new Card will be issued for Rs.100/-.
  • A student should carry his/her Identity Card with him at all times and it should be produced on

demand of a staff member. Non-possession the Card can entail a fine of Rs. 50/-. Refusal to show

the Identity Card can entail a heavy fine, which will not be remitted.

  • A student’s Identity Card is the property of the College. It is compulsory for every student to

hand over his/her Identity Card to the College Office for record, upon being dropped from the

College’s rolls, or upon the termination of the College Session.

  • No certificate/degree will be issued unless the students have deposited their Identity Cards to the College.


  • Students must attend classes regularly.
  • If absent for 6 consecutive days, any student can be expelled from the College. In case of

expulsion, the student has to apply for re-admission with 15 days’ time. If a student does not apply for re-admission, he will have to forego his right of re-admission. Once granted re-admission, the student will have 15 days to apply for re-admission, if he is expelled again, after which he will never be re-admitted in any case.

  • In order to appear in exam, student has to have at least 80% attendance in classes; otherwise,

the student will not be allowed to sit in exam.

  • The Principal can give concession of another 10% attendance if the student has been absent

because of sickness or some other critical reason.

  • Even in case of absence or leave, the student has to complete his course work.

• Any student who remains absent from classes on account of sickness or any other critical reason, should approve his leave regularly.

  • The Class Teacher can approve leave of up to three days.
  • Leave of any more than three days can be approved the Principal only.
  • If the leave is approved, the student will be required to complete his/her course work.
  • Upon absence from a test, the teacher can fine any amount.

Code Of Conduct

  • Obey the orders of administration, show good conduct and understand the rights of other students.
  • Respect the teachers and honest and polite attitude towards one another.
  • Look after the property of the college and one another’ possessions.
  • Respectful behavior towards others.
  • Feel pride in handwork. Pay full attention to studies and never create problem for any mate.

• If any student does not comply with the code of conduct; misuses the leniency shown to him; is involved in any activity which can lead other astray; shows immoral character, we consider it necessary to take action against him in order to maintain the discipline.

  • Such an action can be taken under the following conditions.
  • Violating any rules of the college, which are enforced time to time; arranging any meeting or procession without prior permission.
  • Using any illegitimate means during examination.
  • Immoral behavior, carrying firearms (with or without license) in the premises of the college.
  • Absence from college for a long time.
  • Attempting to hurdle studies at college or the administrative matters of college; or inducing students to do any sort of illegal or immoral activity.
  • Participating in any unhealthy activity.

If found guilty in violating the discipline in any of the above mentioned ways; the Principal has the authority to take action depending on the charge.

Penalties / Corrective Actions

  • Fine will be imposed by the Principal depending on the gravity of the charge on the student.
    • Suspension can be for a period of two weeks or more. Suspended students may also not be allowed sit in the exams.
  • A student may be put under observation for as long as six months, during which if he/she does

not change his/her attitude positively, he/she can be struck off from the college.

  • If the charge is proved, the student can be expelled from the college on temporary / permanent basis. Such student is not privileged to appear in the examination and will lose at least one year of education as he/she cannot appear in the university’s examinations. The time of suspension would start from the time when the charge was proved. A temporarily suspended student can apply for re-admission in the new academic year, once the time period of the penalty is completed, however it depends on the administration to allow the admission or not. Neither the student’s name will be in the college roll call during the time of suspension, nor will any dues from him, be acceptable.
  • Only the Principal, with the consent of the College Council, can make any expulsion / re-selection or any other penalty.
  • The type of plenty will be entered in character certificate of the students in the category of expulsion.

No Smoking

Smoking within the College premises is strictly prohibited. Those who violate this rule will be liable to punishment. Any staff member can check a College student within the premises of the College and forward the case to the Disciplinary Committee for the imposition of fine.

No Arms

No College student is allowed to possess arms of any kind, even if he has an arms license. Those who violate this rule will be punished according to law.

No Cell Phones

The use of camera mobile phone, SPS any such device is strictly prohibited in classrooms / seminar rooms / libraries / auditorium. Those who violate the rules shall be penalized. These devices will be confiscated by the College.

Note: – The Principal is the ultimate authority to explain and interpret all rules and regulation made for the discipline of the college.