Leadership Development Program

Leadership development programme is a unique programme which is aimed at familiarizing the students
with the skills which are considered otherwise dispensable, but with whom prior knowledge the students
and lawyers can perform well in the field. These skills include understanding of social media campaigns
awareness, adobe photoshop, coral draw, Microsoft office, procedure of registering a company and tax
filling real-time market experience, decision making and problem solving, as well as inter-personal skills.

The idea behind the manifestation of this program is to inculcate such skills in the aspirants, so as to help
them being a step ahead of everyone else. The selection process for this programme is merit based, i.e.,
interviews are conducted to check the disposition of the students to learn these skills. 5-10 students are
selected from each batch who are then trained under professionals of their respective skills. This
programme runs for over five years during the course of their studies, with each year familiarizing them
with a new set of skills.