PLC Library

Library is the soul of any educational institute and plays a significant role in all learning activities, more so in the learning of law. Premier Law College has an excellent library consisting of a vast collection of Textbooks, Periodicals, Journals and major national law magazines. It is spacious enough to cater not only to existing needs but also accommodate resources and services for future requirements. There is a continuous effort to update and add to our study material resources.
Library has a capacity of 100 students at a time. All the magazine, journals and reports are kept in the front side of the library for the use of faculty and students. The library is equipped with adequate staff to give necessary guidance and assistance to the students. In addition to that, Premier Law College has created one of the best digital libraries in town, having access to British Council, Cambridge, Z Library, Pakistan Law Journal, Jstor, etc. It is open for all students to use and enrich themselves with the best up-to-date knowledge available. The library is open from 8 am to 5 pm daily. Apart from this, its resources may be available upon special request after hours. In order to use the library after hours the prior permission from the Librarian is required.